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Personal Debit Cards

Safer than cash, more convenient than checks.

Put your checking account to work at any time with our free VISA Debit Card. Make purchases anywhere debit or credit cards are accepted, without the time and trouble of writing or recording a check. Then track your purchases easily using your online banking account or monthly statement!

The latest in chip technology helps keep your transactions safe. You can also sign up for free,
customizable purchase alerts. Simplify travel plans by carrying your card instead of cash or checks. And that’s not all—use your card for cash at any fee-free Glacier Family of Banks ATM.

A free VISA Debit Card is available with your checking account and offers advantages over a credit card:

  • Simpler and easier to get than a credit card
  • Debit cards are more readily accepted than checks almost everywhere
  • Travel safely without packing cash or checks
  • Use your debit card at ATMs when you need cash (no fee at any Glacier family bank ATM)
  • See a description of every purchase or ATM cash withdrawal with your online banking account, or on your monthly checking account statement

To report fraud or a lost or stolen card:

Lost or stolen debit card: (800) 472-3272

Lost or stolen credit card: (844) 630-3737

Inside US Fraud: 1-800-237-8990

Outside US Fraud: 1-206-389-5201

Using your online banking account:

  • Log in to your account
  • Choose the Options tab
  • Choose “ATM/Debit Card,” and click on the box to cancel your card

Troubleshooting your card:

If you're having problems with your card not working, need to change your PIN, or activate a debit card, please call the numbers below.

PIN Now: 1-888-891-2435
Activate/Debit renewal: 1-844-378-8843